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Going Hybrid: What Enterprises Want From Cloud Service Providers

What do enterprises want from hybrid cloud? How are decisions being made about its suitability, and which issues are influencing the extent of its adoption across European businesses?

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Going Hybrid resources

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What Enterprises Want From Cloud Service Providers

New Research reveals how Hybrid Cloud is really being implemented across 14 European countries.

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Are You Ready for Hybrid Cloud?

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to assess how well you are exploiting cloud services 
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Along the Cloud Adoption Path, Hybrid Cloud Becomes Strategic

In a new study of how hybrid cloud is really being implemented across 14 European countries, a majority of respondents indicated plans to use multiple cloud environments, with 62% intending a degree of interoperability between them..

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Businesses Look to Azure Stack to Address Hybrid Cloud Challenges

Enterprise cloud adoption has progressed to the point that businesses of nearly every size and type now include cloud platforms and technologies in their IT playbooks.

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Managed Services Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud plans are driven by the desire for faster deployment of functions, improved cost optimization, increased agility, added choice and more compliance capabilities. But according to survey respondents, an effective hybrid im­plementation is difficult to execute.

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Security Management is a Critical Hybrid Cloud Challenge

According to research conducted by 451 Research, security and compliance are the most important considerations in the hybrid cloud plans of nearly half of businesses surveyed, and are labeled at least an ‘important’ consideration by 90%.

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