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Embracing Disruption to Manage Risk

On the digital transformation journey how do you balance risk control with the appetite for change? In this section we have tackled that delicate balance by looking at security and disruption from multiple angles. The roundtable report brings real world views about risk management in the context of disruption and the video gives a peek into how a global aircrafts manufacturer with numerous security constraints is on the path to digital transformation. The case study drives home the meaning of disruption with the phenomenal growth story of a digital native company, and finally we deep dive into an industry example - of how risk-averse financial services firms can take the digital bull by the horns.

You are halfway through the digital puzzle. In the next one month, you will have all the pieces in place and an actionable solution that you can take back to use in your organisation’s digital transformation initiatives.
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Embracing Disruption to Manage Risk
A custom report from our exclusive roundtable on embracing disruption to manage risk, held in July 2015, attended by top analysts and our customers.
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Criteo case study
Ad tech star Criteo is changing advertising upside down, competing with Google AdWords and clocking dazzling growth rates.
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