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Moving Applications to the Cloud: Incremental Change or Big Bang

Across Europe organisation have on average 100 applications. Managing them in a flexible and stable manner brings the discussion of moving them to the cloud. This section tackles the complex and all important question of moving applications to the cloud in a phased manner or in a big-bang fashion. The roundtable report brings views from the real world and the video interview shows the challenges to take note of when moving to the cloud. The case study highlights the example of a phased movement to cloud and finally the research report shows the state of cloud application management across Europe.

You are nearing the end of the digital puzzle. In less than a month you will have all the puzzle pieces in place and an actionable solution that you can take back to use in your organisation’s digital transformation initiatives.
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Roundtable report on Moving applications to the cloud
A custom report from our exclusive roundtable on moving applications to the cloud, held in July 2015, attended by top analysts and our customers.
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Role of cloud in Retail Industry
View from top retailer Cath Kidston on using cloud for retail
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