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Running a Bimodal Organisation

Bimodal IT is a fork in the road to digital transformation, where an organisation must take both routes simultaneously. To be bimodal, an organisation’s IT must operate in two modes at once– the agile and the stable. In this section we explore concept from different angles. The roundtable report offers multiple views from the real world, and the video interview offers a simple definition of the concept. We then look at the story of how Honda embraced speed while not compromising on stability, and wrap up with an in-depth look at the incremental and iterative nature of Agile IT that is required for today’s digital business.

This is the second piece of the puzzle. Over the next couple of months you will have all the pieces in place and an actionable solution that you can take back to use in your organisation’s digital transformation initiatives.
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Roundtable report on Bimodal IT
A custom report from our exclusive roundtable on running a bimodal organisation, held in July 2015, attended by top analysts and our customers.
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Financial organisations still not ‘appy’ with the complexity of cloud
To tackle cloud complexity and bimodal IT, financial institutions need a reality check.
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