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Generating New Business Models for the Digital Age

The digital age demands and begets new business models. To lead your company to create new ways of doing business, you must find answers to a few questions, the first of which is – what does digital change mean to your company? The roundtable report helps you identify just that. The video interview brings views from a digital native company on disruptive business models and the opinion piece showcases the example of how the banking industry is using digital technologies to find new ways to do banking. The final report traces the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines to understand the role of the Internet of Things in digital change.

This is the first piece of the puzzle. Over the next couple of months you will have all the pieces in place and an actionable solution that you can take back to use in your organisation’s digital transformation initiatives.
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Generating New Business Models:
Roundtable report
A custom report from our exclusive roundtable, on new business modes for the digital age, held in July 2015, attended by top analysts and our customers.
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Digital Transformation: How Banks are Cashing in:
The first digital-only bank could be about to usher in a new era of banking with more in common with Sillicon Valley than the Square Mile.
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