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The Social Network of Things: The Evolution of the Smarter Everything

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Everyone talks about trends. Every day we see charts, articles and infographics informing us that technology will change the lives of humans in the future. At NTT i³, we don’t believe that technology is a trend, nor do we believe that technology only affects the future. Technology is changing our lives now, today. Like all major drivers for change, the interplay between technology and the evolution of human experience is complex. Just as the first human societies were shaped by their use of tools—the technology that we are inventing now is re-inventing us. Some of us are firmly planted in the new age we live in, and some of us even take technological evolution for granted. Many more of us have lived part of our lives in an analog society, and are struggling to find our way in this new world. It may seem that the shift to digitally-enabled life happened very quickly, but it did not happen overnight.

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