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‘’It’s time for CEOs to trust their tech teams’’

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Over the last few weeks we have looked at digital transformation from different angles with the aid of a variety of reports, videos, white papers and case studies. It is time now to take some concrete action based on the learnings. To help with that, we have come up with the following framework, in collaboration with The Guardian.

This framework was unveiled at an exclusive panel debate in London, followed by a discussion around various practical aspects of digital transformation. If you would like to be a part of such events in the future, let us know, and we will notify you early.

1. Scope out what you want to achieve and what will be affected and/or included in it.
2. Write it down as a ‘Scope and Terms of Reference’.
3. Analyse the items that will be affected, include service and people, as well as the applications and technology. Understand what it will cost from
an ROI point of view and also how a move from a capex to a revenue model may affect it. Consider and review a number of options.
4. Report on the findings with all the potential options listed along with risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies against each. Include the cost
of change.
5. Make a decision on which option to follow, looking to reduce risks and assumptions.
6. Form and write your conclusions into a project initiation document. Finesse the cost.
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Arrange a meeting with one of our consultants who can furnish benchmarks, case studies
and experience of many verticals giving you guidance regarding completing the activity framework as well as sanity checking the plan.

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